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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Grilling

Outdoor cooking will never be as enjoyable and fun without tasty grilling.  You can cook the best tasting loins and meat with any charcoal, electric, or gas grills for the whole family and friends to enjoy. Yet there is nothing more disappointing destroying the taste, because of some minor mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid such mistakes, to provide satisfying grill cookout results.

Here are the most common mistakes:

1.    Odd gas taste result from defective regulator

This is very typical for gas grills that have been used for an extensive period. It is caused by damaged gas regulators. Normally meat cooked provides an awkward gas taste which can be unbearable to most.

This is normally caused by gas regulators that have been damaged. So it is important that prior to cooking, the gas regulator and other vital parts are checked.

Great tip here is to clean up parts on a regular basis to be able to keep track of defective parts. That way, they can get replaced in time for before outdoor grilling.

2.    Awkward gas taste from too much lighter fluid

This is the most common mistake that causes meat to pull on the smell of the fluid.

It can happen, if you put the meat right after the fluid had just been placed on the charcoal. This does not allow the lighter fluid to immerse through the charcoal, but rather goes directly to the meat. This of course is not good for the health.

Best thing to do is allow lighter fluid to absorb and burn through the charcoal for at least half an hour to be able to get rid of the gas smell, before you put on the meat.

3.    No proper cleaning or maintenance

Regular maintenance of your grill parts may be a tedious task; however, this will benefit you in two ways:
- avoid burnt tastes and
- provide long lasting grilling experience.

If you leave off grease excess and burnt specs to harden on the grids and the burner, they tend to affect the taste of the next grill cookout. So it's very important to clean up the parts using dishwashing soap, water mixed with vinegar, and steel brush or knife to scrape off the hardened substances.

4.    Undercooked

This is another embarrassing result that can easily be avoided by indirect grilling. Regardless of the quality of meat that you are grilling, they always need the right temperature to get the best taste when served. This is often caused by interference of the cooking process and spoiling its cooking temperature. Best way to do this is keep the lid closed unless it’s time to roll-over the meat.

5.    Using the wrong tools

When cooking outdoor, make sure to use the proper tools necessary for grilling. When you plan be grilling for a perfect tasting barbecue, use the basic tools such as towels, heavy duty tongs, and long-handled spatula.

Outdoor grilling may be a fun and exciting past time among many Americans today; however, to get the best tasting results, you need to be cautious with several things. It is very important to avoid the common mistakes mentioned, because they can simply ruin an entire family’s enjoyable cookout meal.

Wish you a fun grilling experience :)

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