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How To Get The Most Out of a Char-broil Infrared Grill

If you recently just purchased a Char-Broil Infrared Grill, regardless if you had grilling experience or not, you have access now to the easiest, fastest way to cook with great tasting results. In fact regardless of the quantity of meat you place on the grill, they will all be done in minutes as long as you have the right temperature set for cooking.

The way it works is that it uses infrared radiation through the use of gas fuel that heats up a ceramic plate. The infrared radiation causes the quick cooking results since infrared has the capacity to heat up thick lean meat in shorter time compared to non-infrared gas grills. To get you up and running, there are several tips that can help you achieve great tasting juicy cookout.

Get the right meat cuts

First off, you need to make sure you have the right meat cut to grill. Best tasting grilling is based mainly on the quality of the meat. It is important to know that some cuts are ideal for grilling. Great tips for juicy flavors is a combination of both lean meat and fat for savory taste.

Some of the best meat cuts for grilling:

Season Meat Early Ahead

Seasoning meatSalt your meat evenly and allow salt to absorb at least 15 to 20 minutes before grilling. Make sure  to rub small amount of oil on the meat before placing on the grill to allow quick browning.

Direct heating

Contrary to traditional grilling, infrared grills heat up quickly. They can go up to 700 degrees very quickly without waiting to get heat up. Once you turn on the gas at your desired temperature, you are able to start cooking. So, there’s basically no waiting time for everyone at the table. That is why they come in very handy for commercial use to accommodate large crowd without having to wait for too long.

Add wood chips for smoky flavors

Produce smoky flavors with adding wood chips. The blue flames produced by the wood chips also help indicate that the burning wood will result to great tasting savory flavors.

Enjoy wide temperature range    

Infrared Grills can produce heat of up to 700 degrees for a faster cooking experience or reduce the temperature for a tender juicy result. Depending on your cooking knowledge and experience, you can adjust the temperature to your desired heat.

Do not disturb the cooking process

This is very important to grilling especially with infrared grills. Do not make the mistake of messing up. Keep the lid closed, and flip the meat once with a quarter turn on each side. Regularly checking on your meat will likely to result to undercooking.

If you haven't never experienced it yet, grilling with your infrared grill can be a whole new fun and exciting outdoor experience. It provides quick cooking without waiting too long to heat up. So, to provide best experience, consider tips above and cook your way to fine outdoor grill dining.

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