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How to Solve Char-broil Grill Problems

When you have been using your Char-broil grill for longer period of time, you might experience little problems, like with any other household appliance. Solutions for them can be fairly simple. It’s best to taken care of them as soon as the appear, to avoid problems to persist or even build up in the long run.

Like any other propane, charcoal, or electric gas grill, you are likely to encounter problems from odd smells, no lights, no heats to awkward gas tasting food. Normally this is common for used up electric and charcoal grill. To solve them, some parts may even need replacement.

5 Most Common Problems:

1.    Odd burnt smell

This is common if old grease and burnt excess were not removed properly during regular cleaning. This can also affect starting the burner.

You can always scrape them off thoroughly with a knife and rinse with dishwashing soap after. Great tip here is to always make sure that grease excess and other thick residues are removed after grilling.

2.    It does not light up nor flow gas

There are a few things you need to consider that can cause this, such as Before any attempts of resolving the issue, make sure everything is turned off first!

3.    Food has awkward gas taste

This concern normally occurs when the grill has been used for many years. Gas regulators have a tendency to malfunction during longer period of usage.

Have your gas regulator checked or replaced.

4.    Cannot get the heat high enough to cook faster

This problem is often caused by leak in the lines, regulator problems, tripped regulator causing improper lighting procedure, and safety valve issues. This normally results in low flame, which is likely not producing quick enough cooking results.

5.    There is gas flow, however it won’t light

This problem is normally caused by the push-button ignitor located on the front of your grill.

You can resolve this problem by pressing the button with the gas grill turned off. Check beneath the grill if there any sparks or light emitted. Normally this does the trick. If there’s no result, then you should probably replace your ignitor.

The Char-Broil grills may be built to last, however, if small problems are not properly tended, then problems will built up and might even cause your grill to stop working. Important tip is to check your charbroil grill parts on a regular basis. You should follow the advice above in cleaning the grill and provide proper maintenance, for you to have longer and good performing grill.

In case you experience any other problems with your char-broil grill, feel free to send us your questions, and we'll try to find a suitable answer and post it on our website.

Happy grilling :)