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Temperature Control Issues of Charbroil Infrared Grills

A few days ago we've got a question from one of the visitors of this site. He was asking this: "I have a model 463243911 grill.  I love it except I can not seem to adjust the temp.  It registers 450-500 not matter how low I turn it down."

To find out about this issues, we made a quick research and got some possible solutions for any users experiencing same issues. To find out more read the article below.


Grilling is made easier and can be done quicker with bbq sausages and burgersChar-Broil Infrared grills. Regardless of the infrared model, you can cook your way faster without taking so much time compared to traditional grills.

This is all done by having the wider temperature range feature that allows it to heat up to 700 degrees in a short time. So there’s no waiting time for the grill to heat up.

It heats up ceramic plate fairly quickly through Infrared radiation using gas fuel.  Even though it is a very convenient method, it does have its fair share of consumers encountering temperature control issues. Most often this is at adjusting temperature after searing.

So, prior to getting all the regulators, temperature gauge, and safety valves checked or replaced, let us look at how grill temperature actually works.
Normally, this happens when grill is preheated and shoots up to 600 degrees or higher and can not go lower during grilling. It cooks fairly well but temperature degree always registers above 450 or higher. No matter how the dials are being adjusted, it just heats up to that temperature. It can seems like, there is hardly any change on the flame no matter how temperature is adjusted.  This can be difficult in controlling the cooking.

This may be something not noticed by beginners, but for pros, this is normally a serious issue. This can be caused by several factors: grills grates, weather outside, type of meat, and the style of cooking. Surprising as it may sound, burner temp gauges are not accurate as they seem, especially if mentioned factors are involved.

Char-broil grill temperature gauge When cooking, it is very important to focus on the temperatures of the grates and how the cooking process is done. It is important to take note of like with any other cooking appliance; burner temperature gauges are not that accurate. So we can never always rely on temperature display.


•    Season your grill grates
CharBroil grill Porcelain grid grate 2989704-7000 This applies to both metal grates, or cast iron grates to avoid non-stick surface for grilling. If you have food excess or other particles sticking to your grates, they can affect the temperature of your grill in general, especially for the infrared it can mess its performance. Besides that, seasoning your grates can provide its long-term durability.

How do you do it?

Seasoning your grates is fairly easy. Wash grates with hot and liquid dishwashing soap. Scrub off stains and grease with a steel brush then rinse.  Then apply an amount of water-vinegar mixture on a rug and spread it around the grate. In the end, apply a bit of olive oil on the grill. Prior to use, preheat the grill for 15 minutes and start cooking.

•    Use separate thermometers to test your temperatures in harsh weather conditions

separate grill temperature reader Like any other outdoor grills, weather can affect the performance of their thermometers. Your grill normally cooks as you control it, with extreme hot weather conditions temperature can sometimes be off by 80 to 90 degrees. Strong winds can also affect the way your meat is cooked. Therefore, it is important to keep the lid closed and maintain the cooking moisture. So if you have a thermometer gun handy, you can always use it to test the grates.

•    Sear meat to its ideal heat

There are certain temperatures required for searing various types of meat. This is commonly known to many who have been grilling for a long time. It's the best way to provide best tasting result and to avoid difficulty controlling the cooking process. Thus, high temperatures are perfect for beef and other tender solid meat, whereas, mid-temperatures are ideal for chicken and fish.

•    Avoid marinade from spilling on your grates

Marinated ribsMarinades can cause the grill to burn on higher temperatures very quickly. So if you are still new to the outdoor cooking, and still not familiar with controlling the cooking, avoid spilling marinades on the grill.

The great thing with Char-Broil Infrared Grills is that they are user-friendly. Regardless if you have the temperatures up above 450, 500, or 600 degrees, it can still allow you to go through the grilling process succesfully. The more grilling mileage you get, easier gets for you to find solutions when you come accross any issues and it gets more fun and easy for you.